Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dirty South X-travaganza

Another party last night, and another 240 pictures that need to be posted. I promise that sooner or later I will get off my ass and find a good venue to share all the photos that I have.

Last night was Chase and Skip's Dirty South X-travaganza, complete with Miller High Life, Mint Juleps, women both barefoot and pregnant, Boone's, overalls, and an Atlanta NFL jersey. The party started a little slow and strange, with only a few people early in the evening and a strange mix of a college and non-college crowd. Asshole was played, the music was loud, I think that some pork was barbequed, and things started jumping. We fit a surprising amount of people into a pretty small space, and it never seemed too packed, which was nice.

I think that the highlights of the evening for me were Skip, Father Idaho, breastfeeding a doll, the Mint Juleps, and dancing with Kari and Viv. Others may have different points, but those really made the night for me.

The pictures are up!! Take a look now-
and let me know what you think. I'm still not sold on the Kodak/Ofoto site, but at least I have some pictures up for y'all to look at.


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