Sunday, May 01, 2005

UW Ultimate Fundraiser Party

Here's the premise: the UW women's ultimate team had a party for a fundraiser. They charged to get a keg cup, to get a shot glass, to get a shot glass with a shot in it, to get a shot glass and a body shot with your UW player of choice, to buy a disc, to buy a disc with Gin and Tonic in it, or just to buy a body shot or jello shot. Basically, they took advantage of the fact that college guys will pay a lot of money when good looking women are involved, and I think that it worked out for them.

It was a little strange to show up to a party with such a staggered ratio of men to women. I went outside to get a beer, and there were 40 guys on the deck, and one woman talking to a couple of them. Then again, I wasn't really interested in the body shot aspect of the party, so I just walked up to the front of the keg line and got some beer (by the way, if you are at a college party and 1-you have graduated from college, 2-you didn't go to the college that the party is being held at, and 3-you don't know a lot of people at the party, lines at the keg don't count for you. Just walk right up to the front, offer to pump the tap a few times, fill your beer, and leave). After that, a bunch of us found a couch right in front of the door to the keg and camped out. Now that is the way to party.

I did manage to take a few pictures too. I didn't want to take a lot of photos of body shots because it made me feel dirty. So if you're looking for some make-out action, there's plenty of it elsewhere on the internet because it ain't here. That being said, here's the pictures.

Please enjoy responsibly.


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