Saturday, July 23, 2005

Swat. Step. Squish. Survey. Repeat

I was at the local park, walking my dog (well to be honest, he was walking me, but that is another story), and I spent some time watching this woman.

Usually that comment is followed by a description of how hot this particular woman was, which would be why I stared at her for about 20 minutes. But this time, it was something different. I think that this particular woman was singlehandedly trying to eradicate the entire bee population of the park. It wasn't just an ordinary woman, it was a woman bent on genocide.

I didn't pay much attention at first, since quite a few homeless people hang out around that park day and night doing strange things, but her actions finally got to me. She would find a "target", swat with a rolled up newspaper, step on it, squish it to ensure death, and then look up and survey the surrounding area for more bees.

Swat. Step. Squish. Survey. Repeat.

It was brutally efficient, and totally unnecessary. Had she had some bee related incindent in her past that caused this action? Had a swarm run her out of house and home? Or was she just opposed to bees? Who knows. I just hope that when I am old I have a hobby that I can pursue with as much tenacity as she.


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