Friday, September 23, 2005

The Bobblehead Regime Has Begun

Doctor Bobblehead and His Crew

I don't know if you have noticed over the last few years, but what I call the "bobblehead" picture has become increasingly popular in graphic design. What do I mean when I say "bobblehead" picture? Well, like the image above, it is a picture taken at such an angle that the head and upper body appears disproportionately larger than the feet and lower body.

I can only imagine why this has become the "in" thing to do for graphic designers. One theory involves a cheap photographic trick producing an interesting graphical production. Another theory involves 8 year old humor and dick and fart jokes.

Of course, my thought is that the creator of the bobblehead is secretly trying to take over the global economy, one bobble at a time. The first step was sporting events, and then specially created figurines for weddings and anniverseries. Now we are on the next phase of the plan, which is taking over the internet. From there, the sky's the limit.


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