Friday, August 26, 2005

I Think I've Seen It All

Well, as I was driving today, I think that I saw what I needed to see, and I can die now. I can honestly meet my maker and say "Yep, saw it all. Nice work by the way."

Here's a quick summary of what I've seen:
1) A guy on a unicycle riding to work, and reading his book. At least he had his helmet on, otherwise it would have been illegal.
2) A mannequin in a major department store in a mall (Macy's) was wearing a shirt that said "Cleaveland Steamer". And this was right in front of the main in/out door to the store, it wasn't tucked up in the eaves somewhere.
3) A local sports reporter (NBC) told a horrible joke during his report, and then while laughing, said that "...he wished that he had a rim shot to follow that up..."
4) A woman jogging with another woman, but talking on her own cell phone, while her jogging partner listened to her MP3 player.
5) All the usual stuff: volcano's erupting, sunsets over the ocean, sunrises in the mountains, wild animals, big cities, etc, etc.
6) A stripper making 15 grown men stand up and sing the National Anthem.
7) And what I think is the penultimate, what really took the cake for me: a man riding his bike, talking on his cell phone, with his dog on a leash, and eating a corndog.

And I'm spent.


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