Friday, April 22, 2005

Let's go shoot something and eat it!

You know, sometimes it isn't about going to a huge house party and staying out all night. It isn't about the club with that "hot n fresh" new DJ. It's not about the tight shirts, the short skirts, the fuck-me boots, the glitter and gloss and all that bling. Sometimes it just isn't about that.

Sometimes it's about drinking some beer and shooting some defenseless animals. Now that is a party!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Pictures are Here!


If you haven't noticed, I posted the link to the pictures from Chase and Skip's party. I've also got the pictures from Danny's 21st birthday party online now, for your viewing pleasure (and blackmail, of course).

Danny's Birthday pictures here.

Dirty South X-travaganza pictures here.

I'm still working on the pictures from St. Patrick's day, but don't worry, they'll go up sometime soon.

If anyone knows of any other picture posting venue besides Ofoto and Snapfish, let me know. I'm not sold on Ofoto yet, and Snapfish just plain sucked.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dirty South X-travaganza

Another party last night, and another 240 pictures that need to be posted. I promise that sooner or later I will get off my ass and find a good venue to share all the photos that I have.

Last night was Chase and Skip's Dirty South X-travaganza, complete with Miller High Life, Mint Juleps, women both barefoot and pregnant, Boone's, overalls, and an Atlanta NFL jersey. The party started a little slow and strange, with only a few people early in the evening and a strange mix of a college and non-college crowd. Asshole was played, the music was loud, I think that some pork was barbequed, and things started jumping. We fit a surprising amount of people into a pretty small space, and it never seemed too packed, which was nice.

I think that the highlights of the evening for me were Skip, Father Idaho, breastfeeding a doll, the Mint Juleps, and dancing with Kari and Viv. Others may have different points, but those really made the night for me.

The pictures are up!! Take a look now-
and let me know what you think. I'm still not sold on the Kodak/Ofoto site, but at least I have some pictures up for y'all to look at.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Inaugarul Party Season Posting

Due to to nature of the Ultimate Frisbee Season, it creates a "Party Season" after the final game of the year has been played. The Party Season usually starts the second weekend of November, and lasts through the summer (some hardcore partiers can make the season last until September).

This phenomenon has been going on for quite some time. Up until now, the only chronicle of this time has been through stories re-told over a drink or dinner (like how history was passed down before people learned how to write). Now that has changed. The technology is here, and it's time to start the Party Season blog.

I will be your host through this affair, as well as the "Unofficial Party Season Photographer" (yes, that is on my resume). The main purpose of this blog will be to share the stories and photos of parties past and present, to the chagrin of all involved. Also, if you have a party that you would like to post to the entire Party Season community, feel free to get in touch with me, and we'll make that happen.

But for now, enjoy the pictures from past parties that I have added post-humously, and know that more will be coming shortly.