Friday, May 13, 2005

I'm a Sucker for Consumerism

Well, I went and did it. Not only did I sign up for the free ipod (link is on the right), but I signed up for the free flatscreen monitor too.

It's not my fault, I have an addictive personality. Instead of letting that out in the completely normal and usual way by drinking, gambling, smoking and having a lot of meaningless sex, I get free stuff.

It doesn't matter how horrible the stuff is, as long as it is free. I got 28 table legs the other day. 28. What the hell am I going to do with that? I can use 8, maybe 12. But they were free, so I had to get them.

Anyways, back to the free flat screens. I need some help to get this, and I'm hoping that you will help me (you = my audience, limited in number but not nature). Please sign up under my link.

Well, that is my plea, take it as you will. Now I need lunch.


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