Monday, May 09, 2005

Warning: Genius at Work

I went to another birthday party last weekend, and although I was only there for a short time, I had fun. I also heard quite a few stories about the party the next day from other party-goers. My favorite story is as follows:
About midnight, the police showed up. Sam, the birthday boy, went to talk to them-
Sam: "What seems to be the problem officer?"
Police: "Well, it seems like someone that you didn't invite to the party was jealous, and called about a noise complaint. But I just can't shut this party down, you guys look like you are having too much fun."
Sam: "Ok. Uh, thanks?"
Police: "Yeah, you guys keep having a good time here, keep rockin'."

The story is better than that, but that is the abbreviated version.

The other story I'm pretty happy about is the guy in the picture above. He found a watermelon, and decided that it needed to have Vodka in it. So he started carving a hole in the watermelon to pour vodka in. Of course, he didn't really think it through, and then he made a critical error-he asked me for advice about how to do it. So I told him to carve a big enough hole to fit the top of the vodka bottle, and then just turn it upside down. And he did, and then left it in the sink to marinate.

A couple hours later, when they were cleaning up from the party, the watermelon was "found" again. Still in the sink, still upside down, and still with the vodka bottle pouring into it. Now that is genius at work.

Anyway, I was only there for a short time, but here are the pictures from the party. Enjoy.


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