Thursday, August 18, 2005

How To Tell If You Are a Southern Boy

1) You quote distance in terms of how far you can spit and/or pee.
2) You profusely say thank you for anything and everything.
3) You use the phrase "I tell you what" as a complete sentence.
4) "If it ain't meat, it ain't worth eating" sounds like something you might say.
5) Y'all, All y'all, and You'uns are three seperate categories for groups of people.
6) You enjoy being in Southern California to "take a break from the heat and humidity".
7) Your dog doesn't respond to "sit", "stay", or even his own name, but instantly knows what to do when you yell "Go git 'em!"
8) You think that Beau and Luke Duke were way too clean for Hillbillies.


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