Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Seattle Bus Monster

Seattle Bus Monster: "In the Bus Stops section, type in an address, intersection, or landmark to find bus stops near that location. In the Routes section, type in route numbers to view routes, stops along those routes, and current bus locations. Traffic Conditions gives you access to hundreds of traffic cams in the area."

Wow, the most amazing use of Google maps that I have seen to date. And Google maps are pretty sweet to start out with.

Basically, this guy has fused Google maps with the King County Bus Schedule to create bus route maps. You can search an address of where a bus will st0p, you can search through route numbers, and it also links to a bunch of traffic cams so you can see what the traffic is like for your commute, right on the Google map.

I wonder if there is a possibility of adding in the satellite images into this interface? It is probably way the hell too much work for what it's worth, but that would be pretty sweet too.


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