Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Capulets and Montagues

What happens when you get a bunch of people from UW-Madison together with a bunch of people from Carleton College? Usually some sort of competition will emerge, shit will be talked, walks will be walked, someone will puke in their dress shoes, and the bride will get nailed with a kickball.

Or maybe that is just my impression of the wedding I went to the other weekend. Without naming names, I'll try to relate the story as best as possible:
Thursday: drinking and parking lot four-square (including toilet-bowls, tea parties, around-the-world, and a bunch of other rules that were just plain made up), people who don't drink a lot trying to match drinks with people who do, and ultimately one of the groomsmen vomiting on his own dress shoes (at least they were his own).
Friday: the groom-"I'm not drinking." Everyone else-"Boo." The groom-"Ok, but I'm only drinking Irish Car Bombs." A certain individual to the bartender after putting $100 bill on the bar-"Car Bomb's until that is done!" All I know from there was that there was a game of Ro-sham where the loser had his hand pee'd on. Nice.
Saturday: kickball, four-square (with the inclusion of Randy Johnson's, Karch Kirai's, one-legged hopping, and even more made up rules), the actual wedding (where the weather sucked until the bride walked down the aisle, and the sun came out to shine on her-pretty fricking cool), the reception, the dinner, the toasts, the dancing, the polka?!?, the after-party, and the closing of the bar.
Sunday: Perkin's (best hungover food ever!), then the beach.

As far as I can tell, here is who won: Madison-dancing at the reception, not puking. Carleton-kickball, the bouquet, the garter, the toasts. Others may have different opinions, but they aren't writing this, so too bad.

The pictures are here! I've put a few up on the Flickr account I set up, so take a look.


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